Stretch Mark Removal

OEM & Private Label Stretch Mark Removal

Stretch mark formation: During pregnancy, the adrenal glands secrete a large amount of “glucocorticoids”, which leads to breakage or damage of elastic fibres and collagen fibres in the skin, and some uneven colour stripes appear. The postpartum pattern disappears, leaving white stripes which are “stretch marks”.


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oem private label stretch mark removal cream

Stretch Mark Removal Cream

It is made of collagen, elastin, Gotu Kola, sweet almond oil and argan oil, mixed with cocoa butter, vitamin E, and shea butter in an appropriate ratio. It provides nourishment, moisturizing, fights against free radicals, and replenishes collagen to keep the skin away from stretch marks and other damages.

Stretch Mark Removal Oil

It contains canola oil, which can effectively relieve itching during pregnancy.

It contains lecithin and collagen to moisturize and soothe dry skin

It contains cocoa butter and elastin to increase skin elasticity and effectively prevent stretch marks

oem private label stretch mark removal oil
oem private label belly mask

Belly mask

It is a great solution to dryness (each mask contains 30ml of concentrated essence), which keeps the belly skin nourished for a long time. It is effect to relieve dry, tight and itchy skin, and quickly enhances skin elasticity.

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