The 51st China International Beauty Expo(Guangzhou)

“All Colours, Colours All.” – Embrace the beauty of diversity with an open mind and explore the beauty of different forms with consumers of different races, groups and social classes. Closely focusing on the core theme of the year, the company has a strong pioneering brand, leading the trend of the category, and creating new ideas. CIBE has shown the world’s top exhibition strength and innovative layout.

With the increasing demand for skin care, natural skin care products are favored by consumers. With the accumulation of Oasis for nearly 20 years, the product concept of “Natural, High Quality” has become a synonym for high-end natural pregnant and baby skin care products.

Minimalist, not only a series, but also a life concept
Advocating minimalist aesthetics of life and subtracting the skin
Minimalist is a skincare belief that restores the skin’s initial look

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