Top 20 Private Label Sunscreen Manufacturers You Need to Know

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I. Introduction

The global demand for high-quality private-label sunscreen has never been higher. With rising consumer awareness about sun protection and a growing focus on skincare, more brands are turning to private label manufacturers to help them stand out in a saturated market. Partnering with the right manufacturer can lead to a customized, high-performing sunscreen product that caters to specific market needs while aligning with a brand’s vision. Whether it’s ensuring compliance with rigorous safety standards or developing unique, innovative formulations, the importance of choosing a reputable manufacturer cannot be overstated. In this guide, we present the top 20 private label sunscreen manufacturers that you should consider, providing insights into their expertise, certifications, and the unique selling points that set them apart.

II. Criteria for Ranking the Top 20 Manufacturers

When it comes to private label sunscreen manufacturing, several critical factors determine who stands out from the competition:

● Quality and Safety Standards: Manufacturers must adhere to strict quality control and safety regulations, including Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines and ISO certifications.

● Range of Formulations: Top manufacturers can offer a broad spectrum of formulas, ranging from mineral-based to chemical sunscreens, accommodating diverse skin types and preferences.

● Innovation: Cutting-edge formulations featuring the latest sun protection technology, eco-friendly packaging, and sustainability practices play a significant role.

● Reputation: Industry standing, customer reviews, and years of experience provide valuable insights into a manufacturer’s reliability.

● Certifications: Organic, cruelty-free, and environmental certifications showcase a company’s commitment to ethical production and sustainability.
This comprehensive analysis considers each of these aspects, helping brands find a manufacturing partner that best aligns with their values, goals, and unique product requirements.

III. Overview of the Top 20 Private Label Sunscreen Manufacturers

Let’s dive into profiles of these top manufacturers, highlighting their unique selling points and strengths:

1. Cosmetic Solutions

Top 20 Private Label Sunscreen Manufacturers-1

Established Date: 1991

Country & City: USA, Boca Raton, FL

Product Category: Skincare, sun care

Brief Profile: Cosmetic Solutions is an industry leader in private label sunscreens, focusing on environmentally friendly formulas. They support clients through concept development to final production, ensuring products align with evolving consumer preferences.

2. Ausmetics

Top 20 Private Label Sunscreen Manufacturers-2

Established Date: 1998

Country & City: China, Guangzhou

Product Category: Sunscreen, Skin Care, Bath & Body care, Hair Care

Brief Profile: Ausmetics is a leading private label manufacturer with over 25 years of experience. The company has garnered a reputation for its innovative research and development, superior quality control, and eco-friendly practices. Their sunscreen products span physical, chemical, and hybrid formulas, meticulously crafted to meet the needs of discerning global brands. Ausmetics’ cutting-edge manufacturing facilities and experienced technical team offer exceptional customization options, allowing brands to create sunscreens tailored to various markets and consumer preferences.

Ausmetics unveiled its latest Silk-Wrapped Sunscreen SPF 50+, PA+++ innovations at Cosmoprof Asia 2023, highlighting advanced formulas that reflect the brand’s dedication to excellence. Their formulations combine effectiveness with gentle skincare benefits. By partnering with Ausmetics, brands can access comprehensive support throughout the production journey, including formulation, packaging design, regulatory compliance, and market trends. Their strong customer service make them a preferred partner for those looking to expand their sun care range efficiently and sustainably.

3. Mana Products

Top 20 Private Label Sunscreen Manufacturers-3

Established Date: 1975

Country & City: USA, New York, NY

Product Category: Color cosmetics, skincare, haircare

Brief Profile: Mana Products is a pioneer in sunscreen manufacturing, excelling in market research, trend analysis, design, and packaging. Their reputation for award-winning quality and innovation establishes them as a dependable partner for brands seeking to develop sophisticated SPF products. Renowned for their commitment to excellence and comprehensive production services, they are a trusted leader in the industry.

4. Kolmar

Top 20 Private Label Sunscreen Manufacturers-4

Established Date: 1993

Country & City: USA, Northeastern Pennsylvania

Product Category: Skincare, color cosmetics, pharmaceuticals

Brief Profile: As one of the oldest private label manufacturers, Kolmar brings a wealth of experience to the table. They excel at combining advanced sunscreen formulations with their clients’ brand narratives. Their in-house research team ensures compliance and efficacy, while comprehensive services enable brands to quickly bring their sunscreen concepts to market.

5. NF Skin

Top 20 Private Label Sunscreen Manufacturers-5

Established Date: 2008

Country & City: USA, Florida, Miami

Product Category: NF Skin offers a wide range of sun care products, including CBD after-sun care, tinted facial lotions, mineral lotions, moisturizers, makeup setting sprays, glow oils, and self-tanning products.

Brief Profile: NF Skin stands out for its innovative skincare solutions and commitment to quality. They create custom formulations and handle everything from formula creation to label design and packaging.

6. Sun Care Laboratories

Top 20 Private Label Sunscreen Manufacturers-6

Established Date: 1999

Country & City: USA, North Carolina, Winston-Salem

Product Category: Sun protection

Brief Profile: Specializing exclusively in sunscreen, Sun Care Laboratories prioritizes high-SPF formulations that comply with international safety standards. Their focus on innovation and client collaboration ensures that each product is unique and market-ready.

7. Federal Package

Top 20 Private Label Sunscreen Manufacturers-7

Established Date: 1976

Country & City: USA, MN, Chanhassen

Product Category: Skincare, personal care

Brief Profile: Federal Package is a contract manufacturer that excels in producing high-quality private label sunscreen. They specialize in stick sunscreen formulas and offer services ranging from research and development to blending, filling, and packaging design. With a commitment to quality and versatility, Federal Package serves both well-known household names and emerging brands in the skincare industry.

8. Pure Source

Top 20 Private Label Sunscreen Manufacturers-8

Established Date: 1995

Country & City: USA, Doral, Florida

Product Category: Sunscreen and skincare products, with a focus on custom formulations

Brief Profile: Pure Source is recognized for its comprehensive contract manufacturing services, specializing in a range of sun care products. The company provides a variety of solutions, ranging from organic products to reef-safe sunscreens, catering to a wide range of market demands. With a commitment to excellence, it functions as a cGMP, FDA contract manufacturer for over-the-counter products, cosmetics, and creams, and holds a Natural Organic certification from QAI.

9. Coral Safe

Top 20 Private Label Sunscreen Manufacturers-9

Established Date: 2004

Country & City: USA, Florida

Product Category: Sunscreen with broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection, dark tanning oil, and natural bug repellent.

Brief Profile: Coral Safe is known for its eco-friendly sun care products. They offer top-rated SPF sunscreen that is available for private labeling. Their products are designed to be reef safe, biodegradable, and free from harmful chemicals like oxybenzone and octinoxate.

10. Nature’s Brands

Top 20 Private Label Sunscreen Manufacturers-10

Established Date: 1995

Country & City: United States, Tennessee, Chattanooga,

Product Category: Organic health, beauty, and household products

Brief Profile: Nature’s Brands is a company that offers a wide range of all-natural, chemical-free, cruelty-free, additive-free organic products. Their offerings include organic skin care, natural mineral makeup, whole food vitamins, alkaline supplements, and super greens. They emphasize the absence of synthetic preservatives and chemicals in their products.

11. RainShadow Labs

Top 20 Private Label Sunscreen Manufacturers-11

Established Date: 1983

Country & City: USA, Saint Helens, Oregon

Product Category: Skincare products, including private label sunscreens

Brief Profile: Rainshadow Labs is an FDA registered company that offers a full-service manufacturing process for natural and organic personal care products. They provide services such as product development, technical support, packaging, contract filling, and logistics support. The company emphasizes its commitment to organic excellence and adherence to USDA Organic and ISO standards.

12. Essential Wholesale & Labs

Top 20 Private Label Sunscreen Manufacturers-12

Established Date: 2002

Country & City: UK, London

Product Category: Essential Wholesale & Labs specializes in natural and organic skincare.

Brief Profile: Essential Labs specializes in small-batch manufacturing to ensure high-quality products for private label clients. Their expertise extends to crafting natural and organic skincare, haircare, and body care solutions. They focus on purity, sustainability, and efficacy, using responsibly sourced ingredients to meet the diverse needs of brands and customers. They offer tailored formulations for emerging and established businesses, helping clients bring their product visions to life by leveraging their expertise in the beauty and personal care industry.

13. Garcoa Laboratories

Top 20 Private Label Sunscreen Manufacturers-13

Established Date: 1983

Country & City: USA

Product Category: Health and beauty products, including sunscreen

Brief Profile: Garcoa Laboratories is a private label manufacturer that began its journey in 1983. They are recognized as industry leaders in the health, beauty, OTC, and cleaning-supply sectors. The company prides itself on providing outstanding service and value, delivering high-quality products with superior performance and innovative design. They provide a wide range of services including research and development, engineering, creative design, and marketing expertise, serving some of the most respected personal care brands globally.

14. KBL Cosmetics

Top 20 Private Label Sunscreen Manufacturers-14

Established Date: Over 20 years

Country & City: USA

Product Category: KBL Cosmetics specializes in private label manufacturing of sunscreen products, offering options like invisible SPF and cost-saving formulas

Brief Profile: KBL Cosmetics stands at the forefront of contract and private label manufacturing for the personal care and cosmetics sector. With expertise spanning the entire spectrum of the beauty industry, from eco-friendly skincare formulations to mainstream beauty staples, KBL offers comprehensive services that encompass product innovation, evaluation, production, and brand development.

15. Solésence

Top 20 Private Label Sunscreen Manufacturers-15

Established Date: Over 50 years

Country & City: USA, Illinois

Product Category: Innovative mineral sunscreen and skincare products

Brief Profile: Solésence is recognized for its innovative approach to mineral sunscreen formulations. They are known for partnering with brands to create effective sun protection and skincare products that are both earth-friendly and biodegradable. Their commitment to safety and cruelty-free product lines underscores their leadership in delivering high-quality and ethical products.

16. Private Label Select

Top 20 Private Label Sunscreen Manufacturers-16

Established Date: 1994

Country & City: USA, Taos, New Mexico

Product Category: Natural and organic personal care and cosmetic products, including mineral SPF

Brief Profile: Private Label Select is an industry leader in organic and natural cosmetics and personal care manufacturing. Established in 1994, the company offers a wide range of products, including SPF lip balms and lotions, aromatherapy products, and tinted lip balms and glosses.

17. Trilogy Laboratories

Top 20 Private Label Sunscreen Manufacturers-17

Established Date: 2014

Country & City: USA, Florida

Product Category: Skincare products, including private label sunscreens

Brief Profile: Trilogy Laboratories stands out for its integrated approach to skincare, marrying natural components with strict quality controls. They feature an extensive private labeling program, bespoke manufacturing, and support in packaging design and labeling. Their commitment to small-batch production using high-quality ingredients guarantees that their products are both fresh and effective.


Top 20 Private Label Sunscreen Manufacturers-18

Established Date: 2002

Country & City: Canada, Longueuil, Quebec

Product Category: Sun protection, skincare

Brief Profile: KDC/ONE‘s global network and cutting-edge R&D make them an ideal partner for brands looking to scale. Their emphasis on natural and science-backed formulations results in SPF products that inspire consumer trust.

19. Swiss-American CDMO

Top 20 Private Label Sunscreen Manufacturers-19

Established Date: 1988

Country & City: USA, California, Los Angeles

Product Category: Sun care, wound care

Brief Profile: Swiss-American CDMO combines European precision with American ingenuity, creating sun care products tailored for international markets. They offer comprehensive support, from formulation to production and distribution.

20. Trulux

Top 20 Private Label Sunscreen Manufacturers-20

Established Date: Unknow

Country & City: Australia, Sydney

Product Category: Sun care, skincare

Brief Profile: Trulux focuses on eco-friendly, cruelty-free sun care formulations that meet global regulations. Their agile production capabilities ensure quick turnarounds for clients, while their sustainability focus resonates with conscious consumers.

IV. Trends in Private Label Sunscreen Manufacturing

The private label sunscreen industry is evolving, driven by changing consumer preferences, regulatory changes, and emerging scientific research. Key trends include:

● Mineral vs. Chemical Formulas: Mineral sunscreens, often preferred for their natural composition and gentler skin impact, are gaining popularity. However, chemical sunscreens remain in demand due to their lightweight feel and easy application.

● Water Resistance: With consumers seeking reliable protection during swimming or sports, water-resistant formulations are essential. Manufacturers are innovating to improve resistance without compromising on skin feel.

● Eco-Friendly Packaging: As sustainability becomes a priority, manufacturers are exploring biodegradable packaging, refillable containers, and minimized plastic use to reduce environmental impact.

● Emerging Research: New research is influencing formulations, particularly around UVA/UVB protection balance, blue light defense, and photostability. This is shaping the next generation of sunscreen products.

● Customization: Brands seek differentiated formulas tailored to specific demographics, climate needs, and skin concerns, driving manufacturers to enhance their customization capabilities.

V. Case Studies of Successful Brands

Exploring the successes of various sunscreen brands offers valuable insights into how a partnership with Ausmetics can propel a brand into market leadership. Here are a few standout examples:

Brand A: Revolutionizing Skincare Protection

Brand A, known for merging skincare with innovative sun protection, collaborated with Ausmetics to bring their vision to life. By infusing their sunscreen line with anti-aging ingredients, they captured a unique selling proposition that resonates deeply with their health-conscious audience. This innovative product quickly attracted a dedicated customer base seeking holistic skincare that addresses multiple needs. The collaboration empowered Brand A to differentiate themselves in a crowded market while also growing their loyal customer base.

Brand B: Making Waves in Water-Resistant Sunscreens

When Brand B sought to craft a swim-friendly sunscreen, they found the perfect partner in Ausmetics, whose expertise in water-resistant formulations enabled them to bring their vision to market. Athletes quickly embraced this line, sharing glowing testimonials of its performance in rigorous conditions. This credibility and athlete endorsement expanded Brand B’s market reach and solidified their reputation as a trusted name for those who lead active, outdoor lifestyles.

Brand C: Creating an Eco-Friendly Wave

In an era where consumers are increasingly focused on eco-friendly practices, Brand C capitalized on Ausmetics’ reef-safe certification to launch an environmentally conscious sunscreen line. Their marketing campaign emphasized sustainability, quickly resonating with eco-aware customers. By highlighting their reef-safe formulas and environmentally friendly packaging, Brand C was able to build strong customer loyalty, resulting in remarkable sales growth. Their eco-friendly positioning became their key differentiator in a fiercely competitive market.

Brand D: Protecting the Most Vulnerable

For Brand D, safeguarding children’s delicate skin was a top priority. Partnering with Ausmetics, renowned for their expertise in pediatric safety, they developed gentle, hypoallergenic sunscreen formulas that gave parents peace of mind. This strategy not only helped Brand D gain trust among concerned parents but also elevated them to a leadership position in the children’s sunscreen market. Their commitment to safety and efficacy created a strong, trust-based relationship with their customers, which continues to underpin their ongoing success.

Each of these brands’ journeys highlights how a strategic partnership with Ausmetics can unlock growth, innovation, and differentiation for sunscreen brands seeking to lead their respective markets. Whether you’re aiming to incorporate multi-functional ingredients, embrace eco-friendliness, or develop niche formulations, Ausmetics provides the technical know-how and collaborative spirit to help brands reach their full potential.

VI. Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Private Label Manufacturer

● Quality Control: A rigorous quality control process ensures consistent product efficacy and safety. Look for manufacturers with ISO certifications or similar standards.

● Speed-to-Market: Market trends evolve rapidly. Partnering with a manufacturer that can quickly produce and deliver new formulas is crucial for seizing opportunities.

● Custom Formulations: The ability to customize is vital for differentiation. Manufacturers offering a wide range of ingredients, fragrances, and textures provide brands with more creative freedom.

● R&D Capabilities: Innovative formulations give brands a competitive edge. Choose a partner with strong R&D, capable of developing advanced sunscreens like blue-light-blocking and anti-pollution formulas.

● Global Reach: Compliance with international regulations is crucial for global expansion. Manufacturers with a global footprint and familiarity with different markets can help brands scale effectively.

● Certifications and Compliance: Beyond basic safety, look for additional certifications like organic, reef-safe, cruelty-free, and vegan that align with your brand values.

● Sustainability Practices: Sustainable sourcing, eco-friendly packaging, and cruelty-free production are increasingly important for consumer trust and brand loyalty.

● Customer Service and Support: Responsive and knowledgeable customer support can simplify the complex process of product development and distribution.

VII. Our Expertise in Private Label Sunscreen Manufacturing

At Ausmetics, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive private label sunscreen solutions. With years of experience in cosmetics manufacturing, we’ve mastered creating innovative, high-quality sunscreens that cater to diverse global markets. Here are the key reasons to partner with us

● Formulation Expertise: Our expert chemists are adept at developing unique formulations tailored to your brand’s specific needs, whether mineral or chemical-based, water-resistant, or sensitive-skin-friendly.

● Customization Flexibility: We offer a diverse range of ingredients and packaging options, empowering brands to create truly unique products that reflect their vision.

● International Compliance: With a global customer base, we’re well-versed in international regulations, ensuring all products meet the stringent standards required in different regions.

● Sustainability Commitment: We prioritize eco-friendly sourcing, manufacturing, and packaging practices that align with consumer expectations for sustainable skincare.

● Innovative Packaging: Our packaging options enhance the user experience while minimizing environmental impact.

● Speed-to-Market: Our streamlined production processes allow for rapid turnaround times, helping your brand stay ahead in a fast-paced market.

● Customer Support: Efficient and informed customer service can streamline the intricate procedures involved in product development and distribution.

VIII. Conclusion

Choosing the right private label sunscreen manufacturer is a critical decision that impacts a brand’s market positioning, quality perception, and long-term success. As consumer expectations evolve, partnering with a manufacturer that offers innovative formulations, quality control, and sustainability practices is vital. By exploring the top 20 manufacturers in this article, you can identify the best partner to help your brand gain a competitive edge in this thriving market. Whether you prioritize mineral-based sunscreens, reef-safe formulations, or water-resistant solutions, the right manufacturer can make all the difference.

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