Tracing back to the source, Ausmetics guarantees security from the source

To achieve true safety, raw materials at the source are critical. In order to provide consumers with more assured products, in early July, Ausmetics chief engineer went to the FairKing Botanical Garden in the UK for technical communication. From the source to control, truly implement the “new era of natural skin care.” We control from the source to truly implement the “new era of natural skin care.”

Organic & Natural

Ausmetics engineers communicate raw materials on planting with botanical garden staff

Ausmetics has signed an exclusive strategic cooperation agreement with the FairKing Botanical Garden in the United Kingdom. We conducts in-depth local inspections every year to ensure that the raw materials used in the products are all natural, zero-pollution from planting, picking, extraction to production. In order to ensure that the factory has sufficient control over the raw materials, the original purchased raw materials are converted into personally grown raw materials. In April of this year, Ausmetics officially invested in the Queen’s Rose Manor in Zaoyang, Hubei Province, to supervise the whole process of raw material planting.

Organic & Natural

Natural raw materials, zero pollution planting

In recent years, with the rapid development of China’s economy, the cosmetics industry has also maintained rapid growth. In 2014, cosmetics accounted for 48.3% of the size of China’s cosmetics market, accounting for the highest proportion and rising trend. It is expected that the market share of skin care products will reach 50.8% by 2019. In the dazzling market of advertisements, consumers praise the quality products, and the people praise the outstanding enterprises in China.

On July 15th, under the joint witness of relevant associations, institutions, media and enterprises, the jury was jointly sponsored by China Daily Chemical Industry Research Institute and China Beauty Net and was composed of many well-known personalities. According to the strength of the participating units, annual sales, development speed, innovation ability, customer reputation, environmental protection construction, tax payment, industry impact and other eight factors comprehensive assessment, Ausmetics was selected in the 2018 China Cosmetics Supply Chain Top 100 list.

The list of the top 100 cosmetics has been held since the launching ceremony in Shanghai in May. The participating companies are required to pass the targeted invitation, registration, data review, online publicity, voting, and expert review. It can be said that there are demand for companies and consumers in the top 100 cosmetics companies. For enterprises, it is a key factor to promote the improvement of corporate quality. For consumers, there is a choice when face to the mixed cosmetics ranking.

With the wisdom, responsibility and beliefs of the 20 years of entrepreneurship, Ausmetics has made great contributions to the development of the maternal and child industry and won the China Excellence Award for Pregnancy and Baby.

With these 20 years, Ausmetics has specialized in R&D and production, insisting on the original intention, shouldering the responsibility and mission of the healthy childhood of millions of mothers and children in China, and giving back to every consumer with high quality. For Ausmetics, providing consumers is not only a product, but also a sincere love.

Ausmetics will continue to develop product features, deliver the charm of products, and continue to help customers develop the market and achieve the brand! We are wonderful, so please stay tuned!

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