Your scalp is fighting with your hair, come help them.

Having a black and shiny hair is the pursuit of health and beauty for many people. We used to worry about the dandruff on the shoulders. We bothered the dry and dark hair, and tangled the rough hair ends. But when you consider these problems, do you pay attention to the scalp behind you? Is your scalp healthy?

The skin of the head is the same as the structure of most of the skin. The hair follicles and sebaceous glands of the scalp are more developed, and can continuously grow hair and secrete more sebum.

The hair is composed of complex keratinized proteins covered with several layers of scales. The keratinization of the protein and the formation of hair scales are completed in the hair follicles and hair roots.

The number of hair follicles is genetically determined, and there are about 100,000 hair follicles on each person’s scalp.

It is normal to peel off 50-100 hairs per day.

The normal skin update cycle is 28 days. The scalp renewal cycle will be shorter, about 17 days, and dandruff will be shortened to a few days.

The grievances suffered by the scalp:

  • The normal scalp is clean, and it can clean the sebum on the scalp and hair surface. However, many shampoos on the market, in order to pursue a richer foam, add too much degreasing power such as lauryl sulfate (K12, K12A). Causes excessive defatting of the scalp surface, affecting the barrier structure of the head skin.
  • Oily skin surface a lot of oil, Malassezia reproduction. Lead to excessive proliferation of epidermal cells, large areas of irregular cell shedding, is the dandruff we see. A further effect is that the stratum corneum becomes thinner and the skin barrier function is impaired, causing inflammation and itching. The shampoo plus ZPT, ketoconazole, OCT, Ganbaosu and other anti-dandruff agents are all around how to inhibit the development of Malassezia.
  • For the neutral, dry scalp, the dandruff of white flowers appears, especially in winter. It is very likely that the scalp is too dry and caused by the swarf, just like the white skin of the calf skin in the dry and cold weather in winter, it has nothing to do with microorganisms such as Malassezia, but the skin is dry and lacks water and debris. At this time, you are constantly pursuing anti-fungal anti-dandruff shampoo. The result will only make your scalp colony environment worse, the scalp microbial ecology imbalance, and dandruff will become more vicious.
  • Today’s cleansing products have strict requirements for mildness, but shampoos are still active with sodium dodecyl sulfate, which is not very irritating. The skin of the face enjoys a variety of advanced treatments, various high-level actives and functional ingredients. The scalp does not have any moisturizing care products. The only hair conditioner that is close to a point is that it cannot be touched by the scalp because of the irritating properties of conditioners such as 1631 and 1831.
  • The head skin is very dry, the scalp will also lack water, the scalp’s epidermal barrier function also needs to be repaired; compared with other parts of the body, the epidermal barrier function of the head skin is more fragile. Impaired skin epidermal barrier function can cause scalp itching, dandruff, dry hair, and fatty hair loss.

How to take care of your scalp?

The scalp is the soil in which the hair grows, and the health of the scalp has a great influence on the growth of the hair. Healthy scalp hair is healthy, and effective scalp care is the basis for preventing and solving scalp hair problems. There are only two ways to maintain a healthy and beautiful hair: reduce injuries and strengthen repairs.

For cleaning, a simple mild surfactant can be used to wash off the surface dirt, and the cationic conditioning agent added to the shampoo can make the hair smooth enough to reduce the friction of the scales during wet washing.

Nursing can be divided into several levels: on the basis of satisfying the moisturizing and moisturizing scalp hair, the demand for anti-dandruff, oil control and repair are strengthened separately. The repaired product can be either a wash-off type or a retention type.

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