Ausmetics Introduction

Ausmetics is an OEM/ODM group company with 24 years of production experience specializing in cosmetics for personal skin care, mom & baby care, and household cleaning products. With its comprehensive strength in the industry, Ausmetics has established four production bases in Australia and China, including factories in Australia, Guangzhou Huangpu Mom & Baby Care, Guangzhou Zengcheng Personal Skin Care, and Dongguan Household Cleaning.

Having developed cutting-edge technologies and world-class R&D, Ausmetics provides excellent customer services accommodating various customer needs in formulation, design, packaging, manufacturing, and delivery. Ausmetics fully considers consumer trends, product marketability, formulation concepts, and product planning. This enables Ausmetics to enrich the product development process and provide knowledge and expertise on best practices, timing and delivery. In the meantime, Ausmetics provides the latest insights into formulations and ingredients; and samples for customers to conduct real-time first-hand trials in the manufacturing environment.

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Ausmetics is your comprehensive solution to the most cost-effective, high-quality, and result-oriented products in the market.

Factory History

Develop Gentle And Safer Formula

In 1998, the company began to develop maternal and child products with a more gentle and safer formula.


Formula Reached EU Preservative Standard

In 2010, the formula reached the EU preservative standard, which is milder and safer than most products in the domestic market.


Removed Preservatives

In 2015, Ausmetics removed preservatives for more reliable care.


Create Natural Skin Care Series

In 2017, Ausmetics started to create the natural skin care series, focusing on raw material cultivation, patented extraction, and manufacturing. Ausmetics brought consumers a more natural skin care experience.


Joined IFSCC & Hired Dr. Jadir Nunes

In 2019, Ausmetics joined IFSCC (International Federation of Cosmetic Chemists Associations), having hired top international experts. Dr. Jadir Nunes. He is Ausmetics’ Chief Technology Officer (14 years’ experience with Johnson & Johnson and 5 years with GSK Glaxo).


Establish A Cosmetic Safety Evaluation System

In 2020, an evaluation system for cosmetics safety was established to obtain effective data to support product efficacy.


Use Environmentally Friendly Packaging Materials

In 2021, Ausmetics started to use environmentally friendly packaging materials to create sustainable products.


Natural, Safe & Non-irritating

In the future, Ausmetics will put best effort in solving skin problems of modern society on the basis of being natural, safe and non-irritating.


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