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OEM & Private Label Face Mask

Ausmetics OEM private label face masks can include the following ingredients: clay, aloe vera, essence oils, herbs, and various active vitamins. They can stay for about 10-15 minutes.

After the mask has done its work, you remove it and complete the skin care routine with an application of toner, serum, moisturizer, eye cream, lip balm, and if it’s day-time, sunscreen.


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oem private label face Peel-off Mask

Peel-off Mask

A peel-off mask is useful for removing residuals on your skin surface, such as dead skin cells and oils. Blackheads could be removed too with the right products. This will give your skin an instant glow. These masks are normally made of natural ingredients that are plant based.

Cream Mask

Cream masks are good for more sensitive skins that might be a bit dry. These masks provide good moisture and will hydrate the skin. Hydration will make your skin to restore is natural properties to appear more plumper and brighter. Ingredients such as AHAs, BHAs and oils will serve the purpose.

oem private label Cream Mask
oem private label face mask

Clay Mask

Clay masks are applicable for skins that are oily or acne-prone. They can get rid of dirt and gunk that have built up in your skin, in order to smoothen the skin’s top layer.

Clay masks will help to remove blackheads and sooth T-zone skin problems, as well as firming the skin at the same time. Lactic and citric acids are common ingredients.

Gel Mask

Gel masks are especially good for sensitive skins. They are gentle and light.

Ingredients that have the properties to calm and moisturize the skin would be used. This includes essences of cucumber, green tea, aloe vera and mint. They can firm and tighten the kin.

oem private label face Gel Mask
oem private label face Exfoliation Mask

Exfoliation Mask

Exfoliation is essential for glowing skin too. From time to time, our skin needs exfoliation to buff away the dead skin cells, which could clog our skin and cause skin issues like acne.

Natural brightening agents would include glycolic acid, lactic acid, or papaya and pineapple. The enzymes in the ingredients can gently remove dead skin cells.

Hydrogel Mask

To combat aging skins, hydrogel masks would work the charm to repair fine lines and wrinkles.

They suit all skin types because they reduce redness caused by inflammation and leave your skin feeling baby soft.

oem private label face Hydrogel Mask

We can manufacture customized products based on your chosen ingredients and specific requirements.


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